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Sustainability Pledge

Lehigh Properties is proud to announce it has embarked on a sustainability pledge!


The sustainability pledge will enable Lehigh Properties to offer a safe, clean and energy efficient housing solution to all students!

Lehigh Properties is proud to partner with Evoke Solar, Energy Smart Insulation and SunPower

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Solar Panels

Let it shine! All of our new homes are outfitted with SunPower solar panels on the roof! 


LED Light Fixtures

Turn on the lights! All of our homes feature LED lighting which substantially reduces the electric usage!

various GU10 LED bulbs on photovoltaics

Efficient HVAC Units

No need to panic if you forgot to shut your AC off! All of our HVAC units are energy efficient & WiFi connected so you don't have to feel bad about turning on the AC or Heat!


Spray Foam Insulation

Essentially, we put a jacket on the home! All of our new homes feature closed-cell spray foam insulation. This enables our homes to stay cool when temperatures rise and stay warm when it gets chilly, thus reducing the need to use the HVAC systems!


Low Flow Plumbing

All of our homes feature low flow plumbing fixtures. From water saving toilets with dual flush technology, to water conserving shower heads, you can feel good about doing your part to save water for the fishes!


Energy Star Appliance

Take advantage of cooking at home! All of our homes feature energy star appliances that save a significant amount of energy!

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